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  Miscellaneous constructions

Reference sheet Picture Project Contractor Production sum TBE, net
reference sheet work shop  New construction work shop, Hamburg Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein GmbH 2.500.000 €
reference sheet Zinnschmelze  Rehabilitation and extension Zinnschmelze, Hamburg Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg 800.000 €
reference sheet Customer Definition Center Customer Definition Center, Hamburg Airbus Operations GmbH 1.000.000 €
reference sheet Fire water supply Fire water supply, Stade Airbus Operations GmbH 1.400.000 €
reference sheet Powerhouse Powerhouse, Tianjin/China Airbus Operations GmbH 30.210.000 €
reference sheet Logistic Center Logistic Center, Tianjin/China Airbus Operations GmbH 3.653.000 €
reference sheet DKRZ Conversion Bundesstrasse 45 for the Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum, Hamburg Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Office for Science and Research 12.000.000 €
reference sheet Spares Center A380 Spares Centre, Dubai Airbus Germany GmbH 2.900.000 €
reference sheet Airbus gatehouse Airbus Gatehouse, Hamburg Airbus Germany GmbH 1.600.000 €
reference sheet Hotel Elysee Hotel Grand Elysée, Hamburg Block House Bau- und Technik GmbH, Hotel Grand Elysée GmbH 8.300.000 €
reference sheet Training Center Airbus Tranining-Center (ATC), Hamburg Airbus Germany GmbH 1.430.000 €
Airbus tower Airbus Tower, Hamburg Airbus Germany GmbH 1.600.000 €
reference sheet event arena Color Line Arena, Hamburg D+J Arena Hamburg GmbH 6.500.000 €
reference sheet main station Main station, Hannover ECE Projektmanagement & Co. KG, Deutsche Bahn 13.350.000 €