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  Hospitals and research institutes

Reference sheets Pictures Project Contractor Production sum TBE, net
reference sheet EcoMaT-Center Bremen New construction EcoMaT-Center Bremen H.A.G.E Grundstücksverwaltungsges. mbH 6.400.000 €
reference sheet Office buildung Energetic rehabitation
Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency
Freie Hansestadt Hamburg 1.530.000 €
reference sheet Geriatric ward Geriatric Ward Bethesda Krankenhaus Bergedorf gGmbH 2.200.000 €
reference sheet Emergency Hospital Replanning Ambulance /
central Areas
BG Klinikum Hamburg gGmbH 525.000 €
reference sheet Heinrich-Pette-Institut Heinrich-Pette-Institut, House 2 Heinrich-Pette-Institut 630.000 €
reference sheet BGSW, Hamburg-Boberg BG Klinikum Hamburg gGmbH 2.450.000 €
reference sheet Bundesamt building Laboratory Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency Freie Hansestadt Hamburg 1.980.000 €
reference sheet Central animal husbandry UKE, Animal husbandry Universitätsklinikum Eppendorf 1.450.000 €
reference sheet center for marie and atmospheric science Center for Marine and Atmospheric Science Behörde für Wissenschaft und Forschung 12.500.000 €
reference sheet Hospital Elim Hospital Elim, x-ray practice Krankenhaus Elim Gemeinnützige GmbH 400.000 €