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  Administration and commercial buildings

Reference sheet Picture Project Contractor Production sum TBE, net
reference sheet Extension TÜV Nord TÜV NORD extension administration building  TÜV Nord Property GmbH & Co KG 5.700.000 €
reference sheet Administration Rehabilitation ventilation system
ERGO administration building
conference-area south
ERGO Life insurance AG 511.000 €
reference sheet Office building Offices for Administration, Tianjin/China Airbus Operations GmbH 1.675.000 €
reference sheet Service building Service Building,
Airbus Operations GmbH 6.860.000 €
reference sheet ZPLA Heat insulation measure ZPLA City of Hamburg 1.350.000 €
reference sheet Bargkoppelweg Commercial Park Bargkoppelweg Henschker und Partner Planungsgesellschaft 2.000.000 €
reference sheet City Galery Augsburg City Gallery Augsburg ECE-Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG 12.500.000 €
reference sheet stilwerk building "Alte Mälzerei" - stilwerk Hamburg Bernhard Garbe KG 2.500.000 €
reference sheet Service Center Service Center Berlin Banking Corporation Berlin AG 17.700.000  €
reference sheet Service Center Berlin outside Service Center Berlin, outside facilities Banking Corporation Berlin AG 3.250.000 €
reference sheet German-Japanese Center German-Japanese Center Hanseatica, ECE-Projektmanagement GmbH & Co KG 9.500.000 €
reference sheet ECE administration building Office and commercial building 3 ECE-Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG 3.100.000 €
reference sheet Airbus engineering building Airbus Engineering Building II Airbus Deutschland GmbH 7.100.000 €